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No matter how much or little your tax refund is, you can certainly use this money to help pay for a bail bond payment. Treat your tax refund like just any other check or cash you have. Decide how much of it you’d like to apply to your next bail bond payment and write the check to Hesperia Bail Bond Store, provide the cash, or charge as debit. Hesperia Bail Bond Store will not reject this as a form of payment.

It is imperative you make all bail bond payments on time, as it is critical to keeping your loved one out of jail on bail. Your on-time payments will also help ensure that you and others will not have to suddenly pay up the full bail amount when you are only paying for 10-15% of it. Another part of this though is that you will have to make sure your loved one goes to court every time he or she is scheduled to. Failure in showing up for court and failure for making those bail bond payments will result in very unfriendly consequences: them getting put back into custody and you all needing to pay off the whole bail.

Your Hesperia Bail Bond Store agent will help make sure you meet those payments on time. Don’t be afraid of your agent either, they aren’t scary or intimidating. They’re very friendly and approachable and help make the bail bond process easy. They’ll work with you to create a bail bond payment plan that best fits your lifestyle too.

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