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We’re Scratching Our Heads At These Looney California Laws

Amid all our serious talk about California laws and bail and jail, we think it’s nice to throw in some read that is purely entertaining – or at least we hope you see it that way instead of actually considering committing some of these to see what will happen… Because hey you never know, while […]

About California’s Statute Of Limitations And What It Means

Each state has a “statute of limitations” which means there are time limits that lawsuit can be filed in order to charge the offender. If that time period since the crime has passed, that person cannot be charged. The statute of limitations will vary depending on the crime and situation, and the clock for the […]

Bail Isn’t The Same In All Countries

When you’re traveling to a foreign country, it’s imperative to study up on that country’s local laws, culture, and language. Many people do not realize how easy it might be to get into legal trouble. If you’re arrested abroad, you have to go through that country’s criminal justice system. Not all of America’s legal concepts […]