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With a family member in jail, how can you be sure they are safe? You’re only allowed to visit with them certain times of the day and you can’t be on the phone with them for the rest of the time. You’re really not aware of their “housing” situation in jail – who they’re with, how sanitary, spacious, and comfortable their quarters are. And you don’t know how well they’re being fed.

Well, you probably get the sense of “not very well” for all the above because you’re probably thinking of what you’ve seen on television. Plus, it’s jail, for criminal offenders. The police wouldn’t make jail even the slightest desirable for anyone.

You can protect your family and keep everyone at home, safe, with you by utilizing the services at Chino Hills Bail Bond Store. You’re likely to bail your loved one out of jail with a more affordable bail bond, rather than paying bail directly to court. That’s certainly acceptable; most people use bail bonds because of the flexible payment plans and overall lower cost.

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