Orange County to expand jail facilities

According to the Orange County Register thirty two counties are setting money aside to increase the number of beds in the county jails.  Some of the money may even be used to construct new jail facilities to deal with overcrowding.  Currently 50,000 inmates are being held in county jails throughout the state.  According to Allen Hopper, , criminal justice policy director at the ACLU of Northern California, many of these inmates are in custody because they can not afford bail.  Electronic monitoring might be an option may an option to deal with the issue of overcrowding.  Under a federal court order Riverside county jails are only allowed to house 3,906 and not one inmate more.  When this limit is exceeded the agency must release inmates who are awaiting trial.  So far this year 887 inmates have left jail early because these limits have been exceeded.  For information regarding bail bonds in Orange County, please contact Penny Bail Bonds at 1-866-736-6977 or visit us at