If you thought having to explain to your child that Santa is not a real person would be difficult, think about having to explain why their parent is being taken away by the police. Where are they going? Why are they taking them away? How long will it be until they can come back home? This is tough information to deal with and hopefully you can figure out the best way to approach this conversation with your child.

Your child’s age will be a factor when it comes to figuring out which facts and how much information they need to know. Obviously, if your child is a teenager or older, they will have a pretty good understanding of the severity of the overall situation. If your child is in elementary school or is a toddler, they may not comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

Dealing with this is tough, but it will be important because other people around them will start to talk and ask questions. You do not want your child learn about this situation from someone other than you.

One concern many parents in this situation have is that their child may feel like their parent is leaving them, or the child did something wrong. Emphasize that this absolutely is not the case. Instead, let them know that it was the parent that made a mistake or did something wrong, and now they must face consequences. You could try telling your toddler that the parent is facing a time out, but will be home very soon. If your child is older, maybe this is a good time to have a serious talk with them about real-life situations like this.

You can try talking to a counselor, or friends and family to help figure out how to explain the situation to your child while working with Penny Bail Bonds in San Bernardino to bring your spouse home. Just like you, we want to bail them out of jail as soon as possible so they do not miss out on important family events, so that they are surrounded by the ones they love, and so that you are a united family again.

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