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Between rent, Internet, phone, water, and electricity bills (and we know the list goes on), it is very crucial to not forget to make your bail bond payments too. It’s very helpful to put payment dates on a calendar and set up reminders or notifications. It’s also a good idea to have a friend or two in-the-know so they too can remind you and help you stay on top of this. You will also have a bail agent to keep you in the loop as well. But nonetheless, it’s best you remember when to pay your bail, and how much. This is a practice of your responsibility and maturity through this situation.

Failing to meet bail payment deadlines results in consequences, including any or all of the below:

● Getting re-arrested and bail withdrawn
● Collateral taken
● Remainder of full bail amount will have to be paid

These consequences are serious and can greatly affect others, especially a cosigner and very close loved ones. They may take their trust and support away and you cannot afford that, on top of having to pay the rest of the bail.

You can always contact your Placentia Bail Bond Store agent to help you stay on track with your bail process.

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