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Can Someone Travel While They’re Out On Bail?

You’ve been anxious and excited for your upcoming travel plans ever since the beginning of the year when you locked it in. But just the other week, your travel buddy was arrested and then released on bail. Is this going to ruin your trip? Can your travel pal still go with you? The answer to […]

Bail Isn’t The Same In All Countries

When you’re traveling to a foreign country, it’s imperative to study up on that country’s local laws, culture, and language. Many people do not realize how easy it might be to get into legal trouble. If you’re arrested abroad, you have to go through that country’s criminal justice system. Not all of America’s legal concepts […]

Try Not To Let All Your Anger Come Out When You Have To Bail Someone Out Of Jail

When your son or daughter calls you from jail, you’re going to be overwhelmed with emotions. You’re relieved they’re safe, angry they got in serious trouble, worried about how this will affect their future, stressed about how to handle the next steps, embarrassed for your family, confused about what to say when you bail them […]

How Can A Person Be Eligible For Own Recognizance Release?

You can consider being granted “own recognizance” release as the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to bail. This is a no-cost bail where a judge will allow a defendant to be released from jail by signing a written promise to attend any and all court appointments. The defendant does not have to pay […]

Not Everything You Hear About Bail And Bail Bond Store Is True

You don’t expect to have to pay for bail one day, so at Huntington Park Bail Bond Store don’t expect you to know all the details about bail and bail bonds. But now that you have come to us for help, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect and what is going […]

What TV Doesn’t Show About Bail Bond Store

We all know that TV shows and movies rarely show “the full truth, and nothing but the truth” when it comes to portraying real life, daily situations. Some details are left out, some are exaggerated. This is to glorify a situation to make it juicier and more entertaining, as well as allow the entire episode […]

Can I Get In Trouble For Not Reporting A Crime I Just Witnessed?

When a crime occurs and you’re around to witness it, do you have to report it to the police? Is it a moral obligation or a legal one? Most people don’t really know where the line is drawn. Sometimes no, you don’t legally have to report it, but other times, yes you do. If you […]

Montebello Bail Bond Store Is Ahead Of The Industry

You’d think that companies who have been in business for a very long time will know how best to treat their clients and meet their expectations and goals, huh? Well, sometimes, that’s not always true. Some companies are “out-of-date” and not up to speed with current trends, technology, and the very fact that time is […]

What You Might Not, But Should, Know About Bail And Bonds

1. Only a judge can set, raise, and lower bail amounts. No bail agent, lawyer, jury, or other party can change the bail amount. The judge can consider a petition, but he or she may not grant a change. 2. Posting Bail bonds can be paid off through a variety of methods, from cash to […]

Texting And Driving In California –

By now, you know that texting and driving is a no-no in California. That’s how we generally understand this law – texting and driving. But this law actually extends beyond text messaging. Here is what else you cannot do, and what you can do, on your phone while you are driving. . While driving, you […]