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Trying to Stay Energized

Trying to Stay Energized

Staying awake during the day, or even the week is hard. We’re constantly bustling around, and staying on our toes. Sometimes making it to Wednesday seems to be the biggest challenge of the week, let alone making it to Friday. How can you keep your energy up? According to Maverick Health, an online health blog, […]

Earthquake Preparation: Before, During, and After

Earthquake Preparation Before During and After

If there were anything California is famous for besides Hollywood, it would probably be earthquakes. Californians are used to the impending doom of earthquakes and knowing how to properly seek shelter in any room. Even though we know that the “Big One” will hit us any moment, how prepared are we really? It may seem […]

Being Calm is a Good Thing, but How do you Become Calm?

Being Calm is a Good Thing-but-How do you Become Calm?

It’s hard staying calm when the world seems to going to hell in a hand basket. Not to mention it’s difficult to be levelheaded when you have several deadlines due, but only so many hours left in a week. No one said life would be easy. However no one said life would be so stressful. […]

California’s 2018 Minimum Wage

Californias 2018 Minimum Wage

Well, it’s the start of a new year, and for Californians that means another increase in the state’s minimum wage. This increase was brought on by Governor Brown’s signing of SB 3 back in 2016. The bill made it so that at the start of each new year, the minimum wage would increase slightly until […]

Struggling with Procrastination

Struggling with Procrastination

Anyone who has spent a stressed out night struggling to finish an important project the night before it is due knows how bad procrastination can be. They have likely experienced that situation several times throughout life and each incident is always followed by the promise to never procrastinate again. Unfortunately, the cycle typically repeats itself […]

Why Modern Generation Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

Why Modern Generation-Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

The true meaning of love has vanished in today’s society, by having virtual lives on the social media. Shakespeare wrote that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, but what if we as a generation are focusing too much on looking with the eyes, rather than our minds? We live in the […]

How Do You Know You Found “The One”

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Finding you’re fairy-tale ending is what most of us think about. Being with the one person that makes you a better version of yourself is a shared dream we all have. This has become the apple of our society’s eyes. How do you find it and how do you know what you found is real? […]

History of Valentines Day

History of Valentines Day

It’s time to pull out the candies and red hearts because Valentine’s Day is here. Single bodies beware or go into hibernation since ridiculous grand gestures of love are here. Couples, be prepared for the stress that you’re about to endure because all eyes are on you this season. Why do we do this to […]

Dating Apps Influence

Dating Apps Influence

In today’s modern and fast paced world it makes sense that we’ve started online dating and using dating apps. We used to write love letters, now we write witty text messages. Dating apps help get us out there. They’re a great way to let the digital world know that you’re ready to mingle. Unfortunately, dating […]

Tips on How to be Happier

Tips of on How to be Happier

With a fresh start thanks to the new year you may be feeling extra happy. As the weeks drag on you may feel this happiness begin to fade. It can difficult to stay happy as you being to return to your normal routine. Have no fear, there are plenty of ways for a person to […]