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Is Bail Tax Deductible?

We’ve been asked before if bail is tax-deductible, but the answer is no. Even though bail money is given to the government just like tax money is, it is actually not like a tax at all. Bail money is paid to guarantee the defendant will return court when ordered. So, because bail is not tax […]

Why You Should Post Bail if You Are in The Position To

Besides gaining the obvious from posting bail – securing some freedom until court, there are other reasons to post bail and those reasons are generally things you would want to avoid in jail. Choosing not to post bail and thus stay in jail will prove your days a lot more troublesome than they would be […]

Common Bail Collateral

When using a bail bond to post bail and help a loved one out of jail, the bondsman requires the premium and collateral. Premium is 10% of the full bail amount. Collateral is something of value pledged as security that the defendant will show up in court. Collateral will be returned at the end of […]

Let Our Family Help Your Family

Penny Bail Bonds was founded in 1987 and has been a family-owned and run company ever since. All of our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. So no matter when your friend or family member was arrested, you can […]

Your One-Stop Bail Bond Store Company

Everyday thousands of people are arrested in California, and most of them are not prepared for it. Luckily, there is Penny Bail Bonds. Penny Bail Bonds is your one stop bail bonds company. We will help you get your friend or family member out of jail quickly and make the entire process easy for you. […]

The “Get Out Of Jail Free” card

Typically when someone is arrested, they can either post bail to be released until they must reappear in court, or they will have to wait out that time period in jail. On occasion, however, a defendant can be released “on their own recognizance.” In this case, the defendant will sign a paper promising to show […]

Various methods of paying for bail

Bail can be paid for in any of the following forms: Cash Check Credit card Collateral, most often in the form of real estate property A bond Own recognizance, which is actually a waiver of payment where the defendant signs a form and promises to appear in court when required. The availability of this option […]

Why it’s important to maintain close relationships with your closest companions

As people grow up, they meet new people, make new friends, and begin to engage in new and different interests and activities – that is all completely normal. It is also important to do the best to maintain close relationships with even the oldest friends, as difficult as that may be sometimes especially if they […]

How using bail bonds benefits the public

Most people know two things about bail: 1) it’s costly, and 2) it just keeps people out of jail until their court hearing. However, what most people don’t know are all the hidden benefits of saving money and impacting safety for the public: Pre-trial jail populations are reduced at no expense to taxpayers. Defendants out […]

What to do if you are unexpectedly stopped for questioning

Being stopped by the police is always going to be at least a little alarming, even if you truly have done nothing wrong. Here are some pointers to remember in order to properly conduct yourself and handle the situation in case this ever happens: Remain calm. Do not try to escape, run away, argue, resist, […]